Advanced Seduction Techniques

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If your sick of leaving your seduction efforts up to chance it’s time to learn some more about advanced seduction techniques.

Natural game and life improvement for long term dating success is very much recommended however for those that want to get laid tonight or at least speed up the process this is for you.

The seduction and attraction process that you see happening every night is a delicate mix of psychology and social influence.

There are plenty of guys out there that are great at picking up women – they have that confidence to charge forward despite screwing it up with the first 6 women they talked to that night.

Basically they are flying blind. They have no idea why what they do works and as a result consistently make mistakes with more attractive women that they are actually attracted to.

Let’s lay some foundations – To give yourself the best chance of doing well tonight you are going to need an unshakable attitude backed up with a smooth/smart appearance. If you go in there looking like peewee herman there is little chance for you even with a great personality.

If you have the foundations in place early you at least have a base to work off. You can work different routines and systems off of that base without it influencing your confidence.

If your running on rims and are shaken by a single rejection you wont have the guts to try some more advanced seduction techniques.

Most guys look pretty decent when they go out – but that’s because they are trying to get something. Try to look good and smell good throughout the day… A quick shower and some deodorant can only do so much… nails facial hair and skin are all noticed by women.

Attitude… I am not referring to confidence here. I am talking about self respect. An increase in social value comes from respect.

How do you get respect?

You get respect when you respect yourself and others around you. The personal choices that you make say a lot about how much respect you have for yourself. If you don’t believe that your worthy then how do you expect others to give you value?

People think of you what you think of yourself!

Your attitude is what you think of yourself… your belief systems you hold about who you think you are… Do you consistently reframe situations and events in your life in a negative way?

Or do you consistently search for the positive in every situation and in yourself?

Your attitude towards this game of seduction is also very important…

For us the correct information that we provide is very important. But we don’t take the seduction game very seriously… you can’t! Because as soon as you do it becomes more than it should, it becomes an obsession.

I would advise you that if your beginning to get to caught up in seduction and trying to hard to impress women you may have forgotten the point!

Focus on transforming your life, having a great time and meeting some amazing like minded people along the way.

NUMBERS GAME – you can read and analyse all your life… The guys that do well with women are the ones that combine their knowledge with practical in field use! Get out there and try some things.

The more you do it the more comfortable and familiar it will become.

Rather than posing and being the lurker… Use the seduction and dating advice on Loveawake dating site blog for what it’s really intended for! Which is real life relationship and sexual seduction success.


Rather than analysing your successes and failures during the date or during the routine think about them after! What you should be focussing on is your energy and emotion in the moment.

It’s all about capturing her attention and fascinating her with your personality. If your to worried about what the perfect line would be to say next your massively missing the point. In the presence of negativity and failure STAY POSITIVE. Smile and enjoy yourself no matter what the end result.

Advanced Selection

To many guys decide if they are going to approach a women based purely on luck and how they feel in the moment. Rather than doing any sort of pre testing or selecting first.

Many women are attached or simply not interested in being approached tonight. But almost 60% of the women in bars are emitting signals you have to be aware of.

Based on their body language alone you should be able to sort out whether women are receptive or not. This will ensure that your approaches work every time!

What should you look for?

1 – Appearance

The more a women is drawing attention to her female sexuality with dress the likely she is to be single. Low cut tops and short skirts are good indicators. Usually women that are in a relationship with wear what’s comfortable because they have no reason to show themselves off.

2 - Behavior

The more animated a group of girls are and the more they use flirtatious behaviour the more receptive they will be to your approach. Playing with hair and smiling a lot are obvious but powerful signs you should be aware of.

These two signals are broad transmissions of availability but you should also be aware of more narrow focused interest. When a women has picked you out it’s usually because you have demonstrated some sort of dominance and social value.

Make sure that your aware of proximity – when a women is interested they will very rarely approach you but they will close the distance and make themselves available to you. They will also hold and extended gaze with you if you are willing to hold it. Don’t look away before she does!

The hair flick and neck exposure is a classic flirtatious move by women that are both looking to show their availability to you and draw attention to themselves.

What’s your social currency?

It matters little what kind of car your driving or how big your bank account it.

Women notice the men who can confidently control the social interaction… Men with high value are in high demand because there are so FEW of them around. These guys have no insecurities and are able to control there emotions in any situation.

The trick with advanced seduction is approaching a women while not conveying interest to her (lowering your value) during the attraction phase. It’s a paradox I know but it’s important to understand the concept. You will want to convey interest to her and give her value during the comfort phase but this comes late!

Use body language cues (open vs. closed) to give you an idea of her reaction to your advance…

Here are some basic rules – let’s assume she is at the bar.

1 – You align yourself next to her (2-3 feet) but don’t look at he or notice she is there… . At all times keep your interest and body language toward the guy who is serving you a drink. If your waiting don’t wait around or grab the menu to be preoccupied.

2 – In a loud packed bar it’s easy to reduce the space between you and he. Move within one foot of her while not paying any attention to her whatsoever. Eg move over because your trying to get a better look at the menu over her shoulder. Don’t linger in this spot for two long!

3 – Open the conversation with a simple line such as…

What do you recommend? , Do you come here often, “I’m lost… What did you order?”

During the first question keep your body language mutual just turn your head and through in the passing comment. Be aware of her returning body language. If she opens up to you do the same.

If she is not budging her body language but you think she might just be shy – orientate your shoulders toward her and move a little close while watching her subconscious body language responses!

Keep your body language indifferent to begin with and reward her with closer proximity as the conversation progresses rather than jumping straight in and putting a lot of pressure on her to respond.